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Experienced Maintenance to Protect Your Roof

Usually, the only time we receive a message from our roof is when it says “Help!” By investigating the current state of a roof, evaluating its level of wear, and performing required roof repair, you can add years to the life of your roof. Equally important, with proper maintenance you can protect all the valuable equipment and inventory kept underneath it.

Save on overhead and protect the life of your roof with the maintenance program at Borsche Roofing Professionals Inc. We are home to a group of well-trained professionals who have experience in all types of architecture and construction. Who are equipped to evaluate the entire building envelope to get to the root of problems.

We have been evaluating, installing, maintaining, and retrofitting commercial and industrial roofs in Northern Wisconsin since 1945. 

We may be able to provide you with same-day services depending on the job. We are keen on what works best for each building. Call us today for services at competitive prices.

Roof Renewals to Extend the Life of Your Roof

A good quality roofing system can be warranted for 20 years or more. By being proactive, the useful life of a roof can be help extend the life of your roof, creating huge cost savings for building owners. Quality membrane systems can last as long as 30 years or more. But if the structure below fails, problems begin. While Borsche Roofing Professionals Inc investigate the state of the entire roof, we find typical failure points occur in two areas:

  • Laps

    The overlap of roofing components fail due to expansion and contraction caused by exposure to temperature fluctuations and material shrinkage.

  • Corners

    Typical areas of corner failure exist where a roof meets walls or other rooflines and where penetrating objects like vents, exhaust pipes, and irregular roof slopes join.

Time after time, “Life Cycle Costing” illustrates that, for pennies on a dollar, building owners can maintain these typical failure points and drastically extend the life of their roof.

Depending on an owner’s desire, we can create detailed reports with photos and a schedule of projected savings and costs or we can offer a summary on the state of the roof (to save evaluation presentation costs). Our experience helps us to investigate all major roofing considerations, including water seepage, condition of the roof covering, flashing, and any skylights, roof ventilation, framing, and decking. The entire building envelope is scrutinized to seek out failures that might cause or contribute to seepage problems.

We have experience working with all the major national brands of the following roof types, including built-up roofs (BUR), modified bitumen, rubber (EPDM) roofs, pre-engineered metal, PVC, TPO, coatings, and architectural metals.

The Proven Value of Roof Maintenance Agreements

Remember, when pricing a new roof and the cost of a warranty, which is an additional cost built into the price of a new roof, it is often greater than the cost of an ongoing maintenance agreement. 

Maintenance agreements are provided two times a year. We can also provide you with a report giving you the details of the minor repairs that are required. Some roofing manufacturers may not honor warranties because of inadequate maintenance. Instead of buying a warranty, consider a maintenance agreement for your new roof. Generally, you will extend the life of your roof by years.

  • Full-Service Roofing Professionals

    When the life of a roof has run its course, Borsche is well equipped and experienced to retrofit a roof with fully adhered insulated retrofit systems, traditional mechanically fastened insulated retrofit systems, and coated roofing systems, including silicones.

  • Snow and Ice

    Snow and ice can become a safety hazard as well as damaging to any roof. If left, it causes uncontrolled substantial damage to vehicles, landscaping, and of course people. Borsche is experienced and has the equipment needed to safely remove snow and ice from your roof.