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Professional Re-Roofing and Roof Retrofitting Services

Borsche Roofing Professionals Inc offers the best value for building owners who need to re-roof. Most people don’t think much about roofs until theirs is failing them in some way. If you are considering a retrofit to increase energy efficiency, or if your current roof has deteriorated, give us a call for some honest answers. Our experienced professionals can assist you by evaluating your current roof conditions, your objectives, and then giving you retrofitting options.

We are safe, professional roofers doing quality retrofits offering a full range of retrofit solutions for industry, institutions, and commerce – all under one roof. We are home to a group of well-trained professionals who have experience in all types of construction.

Fully evaluating a roof and everything attached to it helps us determine the most economical, common-sense solution for your roof concerns. We have been in Northeastern Wisconsin installing, maintaining, and retrofitting roofs since 1945.

Metal Roof Retrofitting – The Future of Roofing

Pre-engineered metal roofing systems have one downfall, expansion, and contraction. All roofs eventually succumb to years of thermal movement. The fasteners begin to back out and the sealant at laps fail, causing leak points. Add to this the relatively low slopes used on these roofs and you have a recipe for disaster. Eventually, insulation becomes saturated causing a host of other problems.

Recognizing these issues we developed the optimum solution to the problem many years ago. Our retrofit systems stabilize the detrimental movement that caused the problem in the first place. They offer the benefit of improved thermal performance and a smooth surface single-ply membrane roofing system while only adding minimal additional weight. The improved thermal performance offers quick payback through energy consumption.

Our available options include:

  • Fully Adhered Insulated Retrofit Systems

    A low rise foam adhesive is sprayed on the roof, eliminating the need for mechanical fasteners, eliminating penetration points. The retrofit is completed with the installation of a roof membrane, usually rubber, although TPO and PVC are options.

  • Roof Coating Systems

    Whether considering an acrylic, urethane, or other roof coating systems, Borsche Roofing Professionals Inc has experience working with the leading quality major brands. Coated roof systems are available in many colors and some are even aluminized.

  • Traditional Mechanically Fastened Insulated Retrofit Systems

    Insulation and roofing material are mechanically fastened, usually with screws. These layers are then covered with a membrane: rubber, TPO, or PVC.

Other areas for which we have a base of knowledge and an extensive roofing retrofit resume include green and recyclable roofing materials, roofing materials, which reduce energy consumption by reflecting sunlight, and locally and regionally produced roofing materials.

Improve Your Roof’s Energy Efficiency

  • Added Insulation Increases R-Value and Reduces Heating Costs

    Using two layers of insulation and staggering seams can greatly reduce heat loss. We can help determine the amount of insulation needed to prevent condensation, even in the coldest of weather, preventing the heat from escaping through the roof. Borsche professionals are experienced at strategically placing seams and fasteners to maximize efficiency.

  • White Membranes

    Properly selected and installed insulation, with proper R-value, also keeps cool air in the building during the heat of summer. White membranes are designed to reflect the sunlight off a roof and back into the atmosphere. The result is a cooler roof membrane that inhibits heat from seeping into the building. Keeping the heat from seeping in, means the air that is cooled within, stays within and cooling costs stay lower even in the hottest days of summer.

  • Ballast Roofs

    Ballast roofs reflect light and block UV rays. Energy Star approves ten to twelve pounds per square foot of ballast for a cool roof rating. With just a few more pounds per square foot, ballast roofs are just as effective as a white, single-ply membrane. They are, however, less costly to install because the weight of the ballast eliminates the need for mechanical fasteners in the field. The R-value of these roofs is great.